A Coeducational, Independent School from Preschool through 8th Grade.


It’s challenging to communicate the richness, warmth, and diversity of Chatsworth Hills Academy in one page; however, if I were to sum up the CHA experience, I would say that a Chatsworth Hills Academy education is one where:

  • students learn by doing in a supportive and caring community
  • challenging academic studies are enriched by character development
  • children are given opportunities to explore and discover who they are, how they learn, and what they love.

We celebrate our preschool through eighth grade structure as the ideal age grouping to provide a safe haven for growth and development. As students work together to solve problems and meet increasing academic and environmental challenges, they experience the joy of learning that motivates them to the next level. Whether they are enjoying the Farm Breakfast activities as a first grader or living the life of a Colonial era fifth grader, CHA students engage in simulations, collaborate with one another, take appropriate educational risks, and thrive on the joy of the journey together.

Beyond academics, CHA focuses on character development by teaching, modeling, and rewarding core values such as integrity and generosity. We know that these early years are foundational for life and to that end we encourage the development of life skills including public speaking, time management, good citizenship, self-motivated learning, and organization.

Each student learns and grows within our supportive community of teachers, staff and involved families, all working together to create a safe place to explore. Sharing a common goal, we provide limitless opportunities to problem solve and expand our understanding of our world, past and present.

High schools welcome CHA graduates with their well-developed study skills and competence in core academic learning, but they seek them out for their well-rounded, confident assurance that they know themselves and that they will be active participants and leaders at their future schools.  

“Seeing is believing” and you can only capture the warmth, joy, and community of CHA while visiting our campus. I welcome you to explore our school and witness this truly unique community. Our success continues to be measured by the lives of wonderful students who continue, long after they leave us, to learn and grow and contribute to their new communities.


Adrian Allan

Head of School

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