A Coeducational, Independent School from Preschool through 8th Grade.


Every day when I walk around the campus and watch our teachers interact with their students, I am reminded of the old adage “give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach him to fish and he eats for a life time.” Unlike the majority of schools that focus their efforts on showing students what to learn, at CHA we teach our students how to learn. We know that students who can ask meaningful questions that will lead them to effective lines of inquiry have the vital tool they need to become lifelong learners.

While it is important to impart the facts, ultimately, our success as teachers hinges on our ability to shape visions and perceptions and to sharpen our students’ ability to think creatively. CHA explores with each child how he/she learns best.  Students are guided through the curriculum content by our faculty who encourage them to explore it through the light of their own questions and special interests. We all learn better when we are pursuing the answers to our own questions and we see this demonstrated daily by our students who become self-motivated learners.

In addition to providing our students with the tools and motivation they need to take an active role in their education, we provide them with a safe and supportive environment in which to do so.  At Chatsworth Hills Academy, we use the TRIBES program, which stresses the importance of inclusion, mutual respect, conflict resolution and attentive listening. These valuable life skills allow our students to be successful as lifelong learners and instill in them a sense of confidence by demonstrating to each that they are valued individually and as part of a collaborative community.

Few schools in the nation are able to draw upon the wonderful natural resources we have to motivate our students.  Discreetly tucked away against the Santa Susana Mountains, surrounded by majestic views and 16 wooded acres, CHA is blessed with a campus that offers endless opportunity for teachers and students to engage in authentic learning projects outdoors.  The campus has several unique features which include Chumash rock paintings, an active archeological dig site which has unearthed native artifacts, remains of a Chumash tribal site, a signed trail created by the students to showcase indigenous plants and a sulfur stream used by the Chumash tribe for medical purposes.  On campus CHA students can investigate our eight natural ecosystems and learn the value of preserving their environment first hand. By integrating these features into their studies students have been able to bring a reality to their work that is both motivating and satisfying. 

Nothing that is worth achieving can be done by one person. Success in any endeavor is the result of a group of individuals coming together with a common vision and goal. I invite you, to see for yourselves how the parents, the faculty and our students join together to create an education for the 21st century.  Experience for yourself the warmth of our collaborative community, the beauty of our surroundings and the spirit of CHA. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Adrian Allan

Head of School

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